You have reached the Easy 6000 maintenance page, the information below is specifically for the maintenance of the Easy 6000. 

Easy 6000 FAQs


The machine has taken over an hour to achieve its temperature. 


Open main machine door and press the BIG BLUE ‘Shopper’ button on main door. A ‘re-load’ procedure of each drum will also be necessary to allow selections to be available.

Other possible checks:

Check that all the fridge vents/grilles are clean and free from dust and that fridge is running correctly.

Is there sufficient air-gap between rear of machine and wall (minimum 100mm)?

Has machine been switched off for a long period of time? – Power interruption on/off times can be checked in Command 94.

Check that only pre-chilled items are being loaded into the machine.

During loading, has machine door been open for a long period in a high ambient temperature setting?