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Featured Tutorial


All you’ll need to level the Evolve is a Spirit Level and Spanner. This can be undertaken by one engineer or operative, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

  1. Use Spirit Level to check level first
  2. Measure height of each foot 
  3. Adjust the height of foot using a spanner
  4. Re-check level using Spirit Level
  5. Adjust feet accordingly if required to ensure the machine is completely level

Easy Clean

With only three removable parts to clean, the Hydration Station’s hygiene and keeping it clean couldn’t be simpler! 

Spare Parts

Please use the list below to easily navigate to the top six spare parts for the H20 Hydration Station.

Set of Decals


A set of 10 water and juice decals with 350ml, 500ml and 750ml volumes.

UV Filter

P# 1024007

New replacement UV Water Filter for the H2O Hydration Station.

Everpure Filter

P# Coming Soon

A replacement Everpure 2FC water filter for the Hydration Station.

Spare/Replacement Keys

P# Coming Soon

A set of two Hydration Station as spares or for lost/misplaced keys.

Perspex Screen


A replacement Everpure 2FC water filter for the Hydration Station.

Hygiene Kit

P# 2100003

Hygiene Kit includes a Sanitising Bucket, Dispense Tray & Nozzle.

PCB Board


Replacement PCB board for the H2O Hydration Station.

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