8 – Primo Cleaning Waste Bin – 3 Bar Pressure Relief valve – Sigma Touch Software update

Your Technical Update from Westomatic

This Bulletin features information that requires immediate attention as well as informative technical news.

  • Primo – Make sure your waste bin is being cleaned correctly.
  • Primo – Important information about relief valve failures
  • Sigma Range – We’ve made improvements to our cup drop system
  • Sigma Touch – Download our latest software update
  • We’ve updated our warranty procedure

Urgent Actions

Primo – Incorrect Cleaning of Waste Bin

We have been receiving reports of problems with waste bins for the Primo range which have been caused by incorrect cleaning procedures. To avoid potential problems with your waste bin, please ensure you wash the bin in lukewarm water by hand, rather than using a dishwasher. The high temperature of the dishwasher has been causing the bin to lose its shape and therefore not fit properly back into the Primo.

Primo – 3-bar pressure relief valve failure
Some customers have experienced failures with the 3-bar pressure relief valve for Primo Bean-to-Cup machines. The failure may be caused by water being too soft resulting in the valve failing to correctly close, allowing too much water to flow through and causing premature filling of the waste bucket. At the moment we can only replace the valve like for like however, we strongly recommend fitting a bypass filter (P.N. 9114082) to prevent this. Following successful field trials, an alternative to the current pressure relief valve is going to be supplied by Animo and will be available as a direct retrofit item soon. This will be supplied under warranty for those affected.

Recommended Actions

Sigma Range – Improvements to Cup Support System
To increase the precision and stability of cups being dropped within Sigma machines, we have created a cup support bracket. This features a metal lip which ensures the cup chute stays firmly grounded. The bracket is available to from our parts department (P.N. 1037363). We strongly recommend adding the support bracket to reduce the possibility of a jam.
Sigma Touch – Software Upgrade Now Available

The latest software upgrade for the Sigma Touch is now available to download from WestoNet. The update includes improvements to the screen’s compatibility with some cashless payment systems and additional language options. Please ensure you always use the latest software on your machine for optimum efficiency.

Technical News

An Update to our Warranty Service

We have been developing our warranty process to enable a faster service meaning your machine spends less time out of order and more time serving delicious coffee.

  • Once we receive and book in the part you would like replaced, we will test it on the basis of the information you provide to us – Please be precise when describing the fault (we will be tough!)
  • When sending your part to us, we strongly recommend using Parcel Holders for a straightforward Dropoff/Pickup service designed for field service engineers.

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