25 – Mains Testing for Machine & Personal Safety

For all Westomatic Machines

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Mains Testing for Machine and Personal Safety

Recently we responded to a request to visit a machine that had been switched off due to a report of the operator receiving a mild electric shock when touching the casing of the machine.

The machine itself was PAT tested and thoroughly electrically checked with no errors or failures found.

However, when the mains electrical supply socket was tested, it indicated a  MISSING EARTH SUPPLY TO THE SOCKET. (As indicated in the image below).

Missing Earth Supply to the Socket:

Machine Safety:

The mains supply was NOT a new installation, and this example highlights the importance of checking the mains supply at installation of all machines for both personal and machine safety reasons.

Earthing is a safety feature used in buildings to provide a safe alternative route for electricity to pass in the event of a problem with an electrical installation. In the event a problem occurs, it may cause injury due to electrical shock, fire or electrocution.

To ensure all power outlets are safe we recommend purchasing a Socket Tester like the one shown below and checking before you install your machine.

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