24 – Primo Brewer Issues and Service

For all Primo Bean-To-Cup machines

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Primo Bean-To-Cup Service

The first thing to check if there are issues with a brewer error is the grind calibration. Too much coffee or an incorrect grind can be one of the causes of several errors – E29 / E30 / E31 / E32.

Once you have established that the grind is ok – a visual check of the brewer is necessary to establish if there are any obvious broken parts or blocked coffee which would hinder the correct operation of the brewer.

The brewer can be removed by disconnecting both inlet and outlet pipes, loosening the fixing rod and unclipping the brewer from the motor housing at the bottom of the brewer.

Once removed the brewer can be moved by hand to establish free movement and check for any obvious problems such as worn or broken parts.

Clean the brewer with warm water to clear away any coffee or debris.

Check the seals and filters, and if necessary fit the brewer service kit.

There are guides and videos on our WeSupport service site that explain how this is done (www.support.westomatic.com).

Use the silicone spray to lubricate the moving parts of the brewer.

Lubricate the moving parts:

Useful Part Numbers:

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