10 – High Pressure Brewer Cleaning Requirements

Usage of Primos

There has been a significant increase in the usage of high-pressure brewers in our machines in both the Sigma family and Primo models. These systems deliver excellent coffee shop quality drinks but do require a little more attention as part of the cleaning process. 

Many of the Primo type machines go to DIY locations and it is essential that the customers are fully instructed on how to look after the machines properly and the importance of carrying out the regular procedures. We have seen many examples where nothing is being done to the machines and customers are then surprised when problems occur.

Below is an example of the cleaning instructions we will be inserting into each machine fitted with a high-pressure brewer. It is laminated and should be left in the machine for users to follow.

From 01 January 2018 our high-pressure brewer machines leaving the company will also be supplied with a maintenance kit which will include an in-line water filter for the Primo, brewer cleaning tablets and a lubrication spray.

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