16 – PRIMO COMPACT – Software Update

The Biggest Ever Software Release for Primo Compact has Landed.

Since its release, the Compact has been impressing customers all over Europe and interest has not waned for a single second. With this software version, the machine can truly be utilised to its full potential. Let’s discover all of the improvements introduced in this software version. 

New Recipe Options

Cup size – offer cup size choices for certain recipes.
Instant or Fresh Milk – Automatically switch from Fresh to Instant milk when Fresh milk is empty. 

New Improved Menu Layouts

More intuitive, easy-to-read menus and stats

Blend Options

Utilise two different coffee blends in your Primo Compact (2 grinder model only). 

Add images to each blend to easily identify coffees on screen. 

Customise the names of your blends.

'Almost Empty' Signalling

Primo Compact will let you know when you’re almost out of an ingredient.

Improved Menu and Recipe Management

Screen position – positioning of recipes, removing recipes and copying recipes to other screen positions
Quick menu pro – fine-tuning of selected recipes


  • “Calibration Milk”  is limited to max. 20 seconds per shot.
  • Button “Save” in “Analysis” now saves everything (MDU, RCU, counters, log.)
  • Rinsing and Cleaning is only possible when (both) boilers are on set point/temperature.
  • Improved handling of all cleaning and rinsing procedures in the user interface.
  • Extra “ flushing brewer” step brewer to overcome some E25 flow-meter errors that may have occurred. 
  • Extra Cleaning animation added to the user interface to easier and further define the procedures (see below).

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