21 – Retrofit Moving Dispense Head Motor

For all Westomatic machines with a High Pressure Brewer

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Retrofit Moving Dispense Head Motor

We have introduced a new Moving Dispense Head motor. The original motor (PN: 1040006) we used has been made unavailable by the supplier. We believe this new motor will also increase reliability of the MDH.

You will need some equipment to complete this job:


Magnetic POZI Screw Driver

7mm Spanner
7mm Socket Spanner


NEW MOTOR PN:1040019 KIT NUMBER 2100048

OLD MOTOR PN:1040006

How to assemble the new motor:

1. Fit the plate to the motor using the 4 screws included in the kit.

MDH MOTOR WIRING – PN 2100048 x 1

SCREW M3x4 – PN 1023312 x4


2. Assemble the MDH Drive plate using the screws/washer and nut provided. Apply the loctite to the threads of each screw/bolt.

SCREW M4x 12mm – PN 1023097 x1

NUT M4 HEX – PN 1023010 x 1

MDH DRIVE PLATE – PN 1036059 x 1

SCREW M6x20mm – PN 1023099 x 1

WASHER M6 – PN 1023098 x 1

M6 BEARING – PN 1023046 x 1

3. Attach the MDH plate using the spacer provided.

UNTHREADED SPACER 6.2mm x 10mm x5 mm – PN 1023320 x 1

How to fit MDH motor to framework:

4. Fix the dispense head motor to the metal framework. Ensure the metal tab is between the 2 switches before fitting the motor.

SCREW M3 x 10mm – PN 1023067 x 4

WASHER M3 – PN 1023045 x 4

5. Locate the bearing from the MDH drive plate in the metal guide channel on the metal framework.

6. Using the magnetic Pozi screw driver, attach the 4 bolts and washers to the metal framework in the boltholes.

  • Fit the new 6mm John Guest Fitting for the espresso boiler into the boiler and tighten using a 13mm spanner. Ensure this fits very tight to create an effective seal.
  • Thread the T-Piece through the cut out in the base of the housing -this will help with fitting the new parts.
  • Fit the complete new pump kit – the pipe fits into the T-Piece, and the T- T-Piece is then fitted to the pipe on the boiler fitting.

Connect the wires:

7. Wires to be connected:



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