22 – Fit new Mixer Impeller and Dust Cap

For both the Shmoo and Evolve machines.

Downloadable PDF Version of this Bulletin – 22 – Fit new Mixer Impeller and Dust Cover

Retrofit New Impeller and Dust Cover

We have introduced a new Impeller and Dust Cover for the mixer motors and bowls on all Shmoo and Evolve machines. This new impeller will improve the mix quality and taste of the drinks, and the dust cover will help prevent excess dust escaping into the machine, keeping it clean and tidy.

You don’t need any additional equipment to complete this task and it should only take a few minutes. The parts required are shown below.

How to remove the existing parts:


The image below shows an impeller that has not been pushed onto the shaft far enough. As a good thickness guide – the impeller blade is roughly 2mm, so use a spare to indicate the gap between the impeller and the whipper base.

If the impellers are not fitted correctly, it can cause an ingredient blockage. The impellers are designed to be removed and refitted if required, so they can be adjusted to fit correctly.

Impellers can and will wear – they are consumable parts and should be replaced when necessary.

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