1- Sigma BTC-Freshbrew Brewer Unit

Welcome to the first Technical Bulletin

This edition includes changes to the Signature and Sigma range Bean-to-Cup and Freshbrew coffee brewers with longer, thicker flexi-tubes and a change to the 12amp boiler fuse in the Sigma range for a more rapid isolation of the power supply.

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Subject: BTC/Freshbrew Coffee Unit

Machine types: Bean-to-Cup and Freshbrew Coffee models of Sigma and Signature range of machines. 

Part Nos.

Pt no 201845 – BTC Brewer
Pt no 201776 – FBC Brewer

Our innovative BTC/FB brewer system has been in use in our machines for over three years and has been found to be easy-to-use and technically reliable.

However some customers have experienced problems with the flexi-bowl system previously used and more recently the ‘tube’ system introduced about four months ago.

We have carried out an in depth review of the brewer and following successful field trialling we have this week introduced changes to all production machines. 

The main improvement is the introduction of a longer Flexi-tube with a greater wall thickness than previously used (now 1.0mm) and it is therefore not only much more robust but is also under less stress when operated by the Pinch Arm mechanism. The Pinch Arm itself and the Solenoid Spring have also changed from previous production versions. Due to the requirements of new metalwork to incorporate these changes, it will require the complete Brewer Module to be replaced. 

We have extensively tested these changes and we are now confident that they will bring about a totally reliable solution. 

Our recommendation is that if you experience any future failures of the previous Flexi-Bowls/Tubes, that a replacement Brewer Unit is ordered under our warranty process. The full unit will be supplied without the Grinder Motor in the case of BTC units to eliminate the need to re-calibrate the grinder settings. Disconnect the original Grinder Motor and fit into the exchange unit prior to installing it into the machine. We would, however, still recommend that the grind settings are checked and the product weighed during the testing of the replacement.

Please note all warranty claims must be identified at the time of ordering a replacement. The following information must be also be given at this time: 

  • Machine Serial Number
  • Machine Type
  • Description of the fault

You will have 30 days to return the part subject to a warranty claim and if the fault is confirmed, the invoice will be cancelled i.e. the replacement part will not be charged.

Subject: Boiler Fuse F1 Rating Change

Machine types: All Sigma range of machines. 

Part Nos.

Pt No 1025019 – 12 Amp Fuse

We have reviewed the Boiler fuse rating – Fuse 1 within Sigma machine models – and as of week commencing 19.01.15 it will be rated at 12 Amp, type F in all production machines supplied.

We have identified a possible risk to the electrical circuit when there is an over-scaled boiler and/or over-scaled probe set in the machine.


It is important that boilers are regularly de-scaled but we have made the decision to change the fuse type from a slow blow to a fast blow to provide full circuit protection.

The previously rated 12.5 Amp type T was correct for the application, and approved as such during the independent electrical safety testing that all our machine models undertake.

Our recommendation is to replace the 12.5 type T fuse with the new rated 12 Amp type F, Westomatic Part Number 1025019, when an Engineer has cause to visit any Sigma machine types.


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