2 – Changes from Customer Feedback

We have been listening!

As a direct result of customer feedback, we have implemented new changes and improvements to our Sigma family range of machines which we feel will make both operator and engineer tasks even easier. Here are just a few developments we have introduced.


To help reduce operator time in the field we have removed the Whipper Deck lower tray leaving just the one flat surface to clean. This ‘operator friendly’ change also removes the issue of the edges/corners that were once suggested as being a risk area. A plastic floor tray for the entire base of the machine has also replaced the original rubber mats that were used for the waste containers – again to ease operator cleaning procedures.


To help minimise time spent fault finding on-site we have redesigned the internal instruction/guidance labels so the information is even clearer and now on the inside of the door at eye level. Also we have introduced a new label to help identify all output circuits/numbers to ease fault finding and have re-positioned the document/Installation and Operator Handbook – all on the inside of the door at eye level. 

Improved Drink Quality

The drink quality from the Sigma Family bean-to-cup models has always been very well regarded but we have found a new way to further improve drink presentation. We have changed the dispense tubing attached to the Mixing Bowl to a narrower bore tube via an adapter achieving an impressive ‘coffee shop’ appearance. The effect in the delivery of the coffee through this narrow bore tube produces a tighter crema on an espresso and a neater presentation in the cup.


To support the new legislation all Allergen Information can be shown on the screens of the Sigma Family machines – no need to affix labels to the machine doors! If you want to update your earlier Sigma Touch, Light or Simplicity machines, visit Westonet and download the applicable files for your machine types – it’s all there waiting for you! We have also added new and updated machine manuals with recommended Parts Holding Lists into Westonet so you have all the essential information at your fingertips! 

Sigma Touch to whet the appetite

Our Sigma Touch is still the market leader for innovation and technical capability and we will continue to introduce further improvements and advances to ensure this remains the case.
The Sigma Touch Version 2 upgrade testing is well under-way and will soon be released to production and the field. This upgrade will include the following. 

  • The ability to re-name drink and option titles and the tag drink descriptions. This will be an essential tool for utilising the many flavours of syrup shots that are available including your seasonal up sellers such as Gingerbread.  All editing can be achieved directly via the screen.
  • Telemetry has now advanced so you can upgrade the machine remotely and change your advertising video playlists, choosing the time and day for certain videos to play. This enables you to become your own marketeer, selecting and promoting certain adverts to play during different vend cycles.
  • You can apply this feature to branding and periodically ‘freshen up’ your Sigma Touch by remotely changing the on-screen branding! The ‘Alerts’ feature will also automatically send a text and/or E-mail to inform you of specified faults or a specified number of vends indicating when the machine requires re-filling.

All of these features will not only enable you to create additional income and promote products in nearby snack machines it will more importantly make sure your machine is operational and stocked 24/7 so you never miss out on revenue.

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