3 – New Warranty System

New Warranty System Saves Time and Money!

We have now been running with our new warranty system for approximately 2 months and the feedback from customers has been excellent.
They have commented on the clarity of the new system and how they like the fact that it has alleviated unnecessary paperwork.  So now if you meet the conditions of warranty you no longer receive invoices.  We remind you on a weekly basis that the part supplied needs to be returned to us within 30 days and once received and the warranty claim is accepted the paperwork is cancelled – less admin, less fuss, so more time to sell machines!  Everybody is happy!

The NEW Warranty System…How it Works!

Previously we would receive orders but no notification of whether the part required might be the subject of a warranty claim nor any information regarding the fault or machine serial number.  By providing us with the right information we send the part to you with the Delivery Note and we trigger the 30-day reminder that prompts you by e-mail to return the part to be claimed within that period.

The conditions of Warranty are as follows: 

  • You tell us that an order for the replacement part is subject to a warranty claim
  • The machine type, serial number and fault must be given at the point of ordering
  • The warranty does not include items under £10 or plastic parts and excludes Primo and FAS machines and all screens (Touch and Media)
  • We need to know the nature of the fault – “faulty or not working” doesn’t help get to the root cause of potential issues

30 Day Countdown

  • The part is dispatched to you and you then have 30 days to return the defective item to us with the proper completed paperwork.
  • If the part is not returned within 30 days, the replacement will be invoiced
  • We have now re-launched the weekly “30 day count down” email to remind you of outstanding parts for complete transparency and visibility

Although it seems we are tightening the rules the benefits are definitely worth it! If the Conditions are met and the faulty part is returned within 30 days no invoice is released and no payments are required which saves us both time and money! 

One of the key benefits of getting the information upfront is that it gives us the opportunity to react quickly to a potential issue. We take pride in the quality and reliability of our machines so giving us the relevant information allows us to respond quickly and efficiently.

So it is now more important than ever that we have all your up-to-date contact information so you receive your 30 day reminders! If you have a new member of staff or have changed your details please email your name, email and telephone number to sales@westomatic.com

Sigma Touch Version Two Update

As of week commencing 20th July all Sigma Touch machines manufactured now incorporate ‘Version 2’ remote telemetry software as standard.
This enables a vast number of new features to the Sigma Touch machine including:

  • Remote audit telemetry – by specified time/s and day/s or ‘on-demand’.
  • Remote configuration updates.
  • Remote advertising playlists, advert files/videos updates and auditing of advert plays.
  • Ability to manually edit drink/option names and descriptions on the main drinks menus.
  • Adverts now loaded directly into the Touch Screen – individual USB Sticks are no longer needed for each machine to play advertising videos!
  • Event alarms – notify by text and E-mail of machine fault/event information.
  • Improved support for language packs and themes.

As and when you receive your first ‘Version 2’ Sigma Touch we will be more than pleased to provide you with a technical introduction and demonstration of the new features and benefits at your own office.  We believe this is essential in order for the new features and programming/uploading/downloading of configuration files and advertising features to be fully understood and appreciated.
For further details or to arrange a visit to discuss and/or demonstrate these new features, please contact either Steve Naylor or David Scott accordingly.

WestoNet – Changes and Improvements

We want to ensure that our technical help lines are used effectively and that engineers with a genuine problem have a point of contact.  We have recently changed our technical support arrangements in that we now have Steve Naylor looking after our customers in the Midlands, North and Scotland, and David Scott is looking after our customers in the South.  You will have already received their telephone details and e-mail addresses.
Sometimes though their telephone lines are blocked by people seeking part numbers and other information that is readily available on the WestoNet site.
We are in the throes of improving and updating all of the information on WestoNet.  All of the manuals are available and therefore part numbers.   All of the brochures are available and therefore machine specifications.  All of the order forms are available for you to use, and you can even download software updates and improvements. 
We previously issued passwords to access WestoNet but customers did not find this very practical when in the field without their logins.  We have now removed the need for passwords and only ask your name, Company and e-mail address which grants you immediate access.
so you no longer need to call for your manuals but simply log-on before a site visit and download all the manuals and part numbers you need.

We have also updated the following:

  • Machine brochures
  • Machine images
  • Manuals and recommended parts lists
  • Machine order forms

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