4 – 9 Bar Brewer – MDB Compatibility

Out with the old, in with the new!

This months technical bulletin includes the latest news on the new 9 bar pressurised brewer, MDB compatibility updates and the final training course for the Otis 400.

High Pressure coming soon…

The first week of October will see the introduction of our new high-pressure bean to cup brewing system into manufacture. The brewer is of our own design, fine tuned in Italy and perfected to produce great Italian style coffee drinks. 

The new brewer unit will be an option with new machines, not superseding our current unit and will not be retrofit-able into existing machines. Technical training is imperative for engineers to support and maintain any pressurised brewing system and we will ensure that they are fully competent to look after this equipment safely.

Machine support obsolescence

In September, it will be more than 5 years since the last new machine sales of the Otis 400 and Easy 5000 machines. From September, helpline support for these machines will cease but full Technical Manuals can still be downloaded from Westonet.

We shall be holding the last Training Course on the Otis 400 at our Newton Abbot offices and will announce the dates shortly. If you wish to take advantage of this final Otis Training Course, please E-mail David.scott@westomatic.com

Our Telephone Helpline will continue to support current machine models as follows:

  • Sigma – all Sigma Family machine varients
  • Solo Encore
  • Signature/Prelude models
  • Azure Mk4/Juicebox/Sportsbox models
  • Snackpoint Trio/Quattro/Quinto and Duo models
  • Easy 6000
  • Primo

MDB Compatibility  

It’s not just brewing systems that we have been developing, we have also been making advances in our support activities such as MDB compatibility. We are often asked about compatibility with modern day payment systems such as Apple pay and Pay Pal, and you will be pleased to know all our machines including the Sigma Family range, Signature table-top, and Azure / Juicebox / Sportsbox machines all operate at level 4.2 MDB. 

We understand that not all other machine suppliers support this version which means some payment systems will not work with that machine. This has recently won us machine orders to support Biometric payment systems. 

If you would like to use a new payment system and are not sure about compatibility please call us for more information!

David Scott – Technical Manager
Call 07970 577604 or email david.scott@westomatic.com


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