12 – SIGMA – Doser Update

Espresso system as used in Sigma machines

We originally offered in our Sigma machine the 0.5-bar pressurised brewer for coffee and approximately 18 months ago we introduced a new 10-bar espresso system. The 10-bar system enables us to achieve a much greater extraction from less beans and thereby a lower unit cost. Our system has always used a Doser to measure the quantity of beans accurately going into the brewer.

The downside of a Doser is that it can collect oil from the beans being dispensed.  Some beans used in the industry are much oilier than others and a small number of our customers have had problems with the Doser.

We decided therefore to remove the Doser altogether in about April of this year and since then all machines supplied have been using a stainless steel delivery chute with no Doser fitted.

In a previous Technical Bulletin, No. 11, we suggested that it would be possible for machines in the field to be converted from the Doser to the new system, but experience is showing that not all engineers have the ability or time to carry out the necessary changes to the software to enable this conversion to be implemented. 

The software in our machines carries out many, many functions and has to be upgraded in order to remove the Doser and move over to the new system. This can take up to between one and two hours. Think how long it takes you to upgrade your laptop or mobile phone.

The Sigma Machine is no Different

We have decided therefore that if customers have a problem with a Doser unit we will send a replacement Doser to be fitted.  In this way, engineers will be able to quickly and effectively have the machine back working in the shortest period of time.

All new machines will continue to be supplied without the Doser unit as has been the case for many months now. 


In order to ensure that items for brewer units required under our warranty system are the correct ones being supplied, we will need to have answers to a number of questions at the time  These are as follows:-

  1. Engineer’s Name and Company
  2. Machine type (Sigma Touch/Café/Simplicity) AND serial number
  3. Doser fitted, or non-doser?
  4. Actual fault with the unit

If Sigma Touch:-

  1. UI and IB screen versions
  2. Screen serial number

When your engineer comes through to our help line we will ask our regional engineer straight away to obtain this information so he can ensure and authorise that the right parts are sent.


We are bringing about these changes because there does seem to be a lack of technical knowledge in the field and engineers are becoming frustrated at the time that it takes to carry out these conversions.

We see it as an enhancement but not a necessity.  The machines work perfectly well with the current Doser unit.

We are continuing to run our very successful Roadshow – the next is next week in Warrington.  There will be another in the Midlands in October, and the final one for 2018 will be in Scotland in November.  These changes are fully covered within the technical element of the Roadshow.
If you have any questions concerning anything in this Bulletin or indeed any issues that you have with your machines then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are here to help and we want to be certain that our machines are delivering the best quality drinks at all times.

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