13 – Cup Dropper Warranty Return


All components received here at Westomatic as part of a warranty claim are thoroughly tested in order to establish the cause of the failure of that part. Sometimes there are no faults that are found and this applies particularly to cup dropper units.


It is essential that all operators understand that they MUST NOT fill column No. 1 by dropping cups from the top of the stack. The weight of those cups hitting the switch and the peelers can cause damage to the switch in particular, which can then cause the turret to rotate until it jams on the cups in column 1 and the motor to then fail.

The correct procedure should be that the operator allows the turret to rotate electrically so as to refill column 1. There are clearly too many instances where operators are not trained properly and where damage is caused to the cup dropping unit as a result of poor operator practice.

In some cases though the problem may be caused by poor cup manufacture.  We have seen several examples recently of cups that are misshapen or damaged in the machine which can of course cause the cups not to drop.


We have always taken back cup droppers under warranty with no questions, but the original manufacturer is telling us he wishes to reduce his warranty of these units to one year which under our present terms would have a significant burden to ourselves.
We want to be sure that all claims are genuine and that we have a genuine claim on the manufacturer. With this in mind we now need you to supply a small number of cups with each cup unit being returned to us. Something in the region of 25-30 would be fine in order that we can then prove that the problem is cup dropper related.
Reliability is the most important aim of us all and from now we will only accept cup droppers returned to us with a small number of the cups used supplied.
Thank you for your help in this matter which I am sure will contribute to greater machine reliability moving forward.

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