14 – SIGMA SIMPLICITY – Screen Changes

Sigma Simplicity - Screen Changes 2019

Following an update to the screens in our Sigma Simplicity machines, we are releasing this bulletin with the aim of informing you about the benefits and technical changes that go along with this.


The New Style screen is brighter than the previous model, making the Simplicity stand out with videos and images like never before.


With the ability to seamlessly play MP4 video alongside images, the new Simplicity screen makes life simple with compatibility for standard image and video formats. (MP4, JPEG, PNG)


Storage is handled via 2GB SD card or USB stick, rather than internal memory. Instead of inserting USBs, transferring files and concerning yourself about a playlist, simply take an SD card or USB stick from your office with the images and videos dragged onto it and insert into the screen. There’s nothing more to it!

NOTE: The lack of internal storage means that each unit will require an SD card or USB stick for storage of image and video files. We will provide each screen with its own 2GB SD card.


Featuring the long-awaited mini-HDMI, you can easily handle the content on your Simplicity Screens remotely using the appropriate adapter.


The new Simplicity screens each come with their own remote control, for ease-of-use.

No need to fiddle with the back of the door for screen control.

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