18 – Water Inlet Kit

For all Westomatic Hot and Cold Drinks Vending Machines

PDF Downloadable copy of this Bulletin – Westomatic Bulletin 18 – Water Inlet Kit

We have introduced a new Water Inlet Kit – PN 9199096. All Westomatic machines will now NO LONGER be supplied with any mains water fittings as standard, however, this kit is available to purchase. The water inlet kit is a quick, easy to install water hose. This attaches to the machine and the mains water connection. This is all done with push fittings. The water inlet kit is fitted with a non-return check valve that allows water to pass in one direction only. The water inlet kit is also fitted with a water block that measures the quantity of water that flows through. If the volume exceeds the preset value, it shuts off water to prevent flooding. The water inlet kit is also fitted with a 1.5 metre 3/8 LLDPE tube. To allow the machine to be moved in position after installing.

We have made some recommendations based on whether the machine is fitted with a boiler or not. All water blocks will be set to position 2 as default. This means that if the machine was to leak from the mains pipe after the water block, there would be a puddle of 4 litres.

It’s a simple 3 step process to fit the Water inlet Kit to the machine:

  1. Fit Threaded tap adapter to the mains water 1/2inch Male BSP
  2. Fit Threaded tap adapter to the Waterblock reset.
  3. Fit Threaded tap adapter to the water inlet at the back of the machine.



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