19 – E25 Flow Error

For all Primo Touch and Maxi

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E25 Flow Error Reports

We have received several Helpline calls for advice on Primo Touch / Maxi ‘E25Flow Meter Error’ reports. The Primo Touch and Maxi machines, during each selection dispense, require a flow of water through the machine measured at 2 Bar (29 psi). The Mains Water Pressure to the machine must therefore be a consistent minimum of 2 Bar (29psi). A 2 Bar pressure regulator exists in each machine and the Flow Meter(Volumetric Counter) accurately measures the flow of water that is passing through. If it does not detect the minimum flow required, it will abort the selection made and report the E25 error. A low flow of water passing through may be due to low water pressure being fed into the machine but can also be due to a restriction within the machine that causes the flow rate to be reduced.

Recommended Actions

Firstly, check the water pressure to the machine using your Water Pressure Gauge. When measuring, also consider any other appliances using the same supply to your machine: 

Is there a reduction to the machine when other appliances are being used? If so, this would be the cause.

Next check the Water Filter connected to the machine:

Has this been regularly replaced? Is it contributing to reducing the pressure of water to the machine? If not, site water pressure needs to be increased or the supply to the machine isolated from other appliances. After the lockdown period or a period of inactivity – Water Filters should have been replaced as a matter of course.

Next check the machine inlet valve:

Is there any restriction in the Inlet Valve filter? If so, clean or replace as necessary.

Lastly, Check the Brewer Unit:

The Brewer MUST be tablet cleaned, with the recommended tablets, once a week as a MINIMUM requirement. Busy machines may require 2 or 3 tablet cleans a week.


If the E25 error is reported on each BTC (Bean to Cup) Dispense -disconnect the water inlet tubing to the Brewer and hold over the waste container. Select a BTC Drink. If water passes through and the error is then not reported, the restriction is within the Brewer Unit and it needs to be thoroughly cleaned or the Brewer Filters/Brewer Service Kit preferably replaced.

If the fault is still reported with the water inlet to Brewer disconnected -check/replace the DV1 (Brewer) or DV2 (Mixer) valve/s accordingly. The DV4Hot Water Valve will only require replacing if the E25 error only occurs during a Hot Water dispense and the previous checks mentioned have been undertaken.

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