Fault Finding

Use this section for error codes, fault finding, cleaning and recommended parts.

EV Error Codes Engineers
Engineer Error Codes
EV Error Codes Operators
Operator Error Codes
EV 6 Month Check
6 Month Checkup
EV Recommended Parts
Recommended Parts


Use this section to download decal templates, checklists, feature guides and how to read an audit.

Westomatic Vending Services Evolve GraphicTemplates
Evolve Graphics, decals and screen templates
EV Checklist
EV Audit
Reading and Audit
Westomaitc Evolve Internal Features
Internal Features


Use this section to view user guides and tutorials to keep your machine in tip-top condition.

Changing Bottle Sensor Sensitivity
Changing Bottle Sensor Sensitivity Video
Installation Guide
Open First
Start up pack
Adjusting the Feet & Levelling
Attaching the Plinth
Connecting the Mains Water
Locating the On/Off Switch
Cleaning and Filling Guide
Installing Screen Media
Replacing the Decals
Adjusting the drink prices
Adjusting the drink prices
Changing Button Dispense Volume
Adjust Water Dispense Volume
Reading Vend Totals
Replacing a Perspex Screen Cover

Featured Tutorial


We have noticed a few reports that bottles are not being registered as inside the dispense area. The machines are setup to factory specifications so may need to be adjusted onsite to accommodate other bottles. 

For full instructions on how to adjust the sensor please click the button below. 

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