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Snackpoint Quinto/Max


Use this section to view user guides and tutorials to keep your Westoamtic Snack and bottle vending machine in tip-top condition.

Snackpoint Reconfiguration Guide
Snackpoint Door lock disassembling guide
Snackpoint door lock assembling guide
Cloning / Firmware Updates 16bit
Cloning / Firmware Updates 32bit


Use this section to download any updates, software or media to get the most out of your Westomatic snack and bottle vending machine. 

Westomatic Vending Services Quinto Max Graphic Template
Snackpoint Quinto and Quinto Max Graphic Templates
Westomatic Vending Services Quinto Max Planogram
Snackpoint Planogram
Snackpoint Checklist
Westomatic Snackpoint Snack Vending Machine 12 Month Check up
Snackpoint 12 month check up
Westomatic Vending Services Snackpoint Lock and keys guide
Snackpoint Lock and Keys Guide
Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 11.38.05
Snackpoint Spiral Guide
Westomatic Vending Services Snackpoint Recommended parts
Snackpoint Recommended Parts

Service Codes

A description of codes that may appear on the display. 

Westomatic Vending Services Snackpoint Command and Error Codes
Snackpoint Command and Error Codes

Featured Tutorial

Drawer Reconfiguration

A step by step guide to changing the configuration of a Westomatic Snackpoint machine.

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